Final words of thanks

End of an era…
First, I want to thank everyone who has supported CYCI over the past three years.
I can’t help but think about all of the designers, players, and wacky themes.

However, after a lot of thought and consideration I’ve decided to discontinue the challenges.
It was not an easy decision by any means.

I loved my time hosting it and will miss all of the folks that made CYCI an excellent chapter in my life.
With life comes changes and this, my friends is the saddest change I have to make to date.

I have no doubt, each of you will miss it too!

Thank you for the memories!

The site will remain up until the end of October 2016

There is only one thing left to say,
“Thank you, and God Bless”!

Eva Bussom
Owner and Coordinator

Note: the current challenge is the final one…
No winners will be posted, each of you is a winner to me!